"The gifts of the Spirit allow us to do the work of Jesus. The fruits of the Spirit allow us to become like Jesus." - Dr. Maiden

Our board and team is comprised of many of the most faithful and influential leaders in the body of Christ, including Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Chairman, Apostle John Benefiel, Dr. Jay Threadgill, and Ashley Evans of Influencers Church.

Dr. Michael Maiden, President



Team Members

What We Believe

It is absolutely essential that every Christian understand the basic doctrines of Christianity. These principles form a foundation for further building. Only upon this solid foundation can the Lord build a beautiful, 

President of Church on the Rock International

Dr. Michael Maiden and Mary, his beloved wife of over 35 years, are the senior pastors of Church for the Nations in Phoenix, Arizona. Here he strongly and lovingly prepares God’s people for service in God’s Kingdom. The messages are always relevant, timely and life-changing as well as prophetic. He expands this role in his service to pastors the world over with prayer, direction, and support.

Dr. Maiden has earned both a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Christian Psychology. He has authored seven books including: The Joshua Generation: God’s Manifesto for the End Time Church, and his most recent book, Turn the World Upside Down, which speaks to this present generation about the next step to be taken .

Our History

COTRI was originally founded as Church on the Rock – North America to provide a network of related churches and ministries.

Structure and Organization

Designation as a member in COTRI is qualified by an individual serving as either an active, contributing, supporting, domestic Pastor or an international Missionary / international (non-domestic) local church Pastor.