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Rock Foundation II

Rock Foundation 2


Rock Foundation II, by Dr. Lawrence Kennedy

Spiritual Authority and the Believer

Rock-2 is much more than a dynamic leadership training course. It’s a life study manual for Christians from every walk of life.

Rock Foundation II gives you:

  • Ten in-depth lessons with concluding comments from Dr. Kennedy
  • A closing prayer in each chapter to help you get what you need from God
  • Lesson assignments that will deepen your revelation of Scripture for every topic
  • A beautiful Certificate of Completion for your home or office

You must study Rock Foundation II if you:

  • Have completed Rock Foundation I and are ready to go deeper in God
  • Want to understand how God operates and why
  • Believe that God is calling you into service
  • Believe that there should be more to Christianity that just a few casual prayers and an occasional church visit
  • Want to experience radical change in your walk with Christ

Rock Foundation I set the foundation, Rock Foundation II sets the framework for a successful Christian life by probing deeply in to the controversial, yet Biblical, topic - Spiritual Authority. 

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