Designation as a member in COTRI is qualified by an individual serving as either an active, contributing, supporting, domestic Pastor or an international Missionary / international (non-domestic) local church Pastor.

Church on the Rock International supports its members through its Operational Strategy / Core Functions:

Oversight & Advice
Provide spiritual covering
Provide spiritual and ethical accountability
Provide Church government and financial counsel as requested
Provide mentoring

Engaging Opportunities
Workshops / Seminars
Biannual convention (alternate annually between regional and international convention at rotating host locations)

Provide greater cohesion and unity through regional exposure
Potential larger involvement with geographically closer locations

Global Outreach
Local Church Planting

Promote / endorse featured missionaries
Provide missions outreach / travel opportunities

Promotion (advertising members, website spotlights, etc.) –
Local churches and ministries included on COTRI map
Special online features / articles to promote individual churches
You Tube postings of featured ministries

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Structure and Organization

How We Relate